Even 150 years ago there were many clockmakers undertaking the creation of fine hand-made clocks. Today, however, this traditional craft, the art of fine clockmaking, is almost extinct. But there are still the makers who construct with painstaking hand-work and produce in countless individual steps the exclusive and personalized clocks for well furnished living spaces. And these are unique for eternity. One of them is our small clock manufactory in southern Germany.

Crafted perfection for highest demands

This starts with the design and construction of the gilded or rhodium plated movements. The design of the cabinet is finalized together with the design and manufacture of dials and hands. Almost all parts of our clocks are made in our horological workshop. Even the smallest wheels and pinions are manufactured in-house, hardened, mirror-polished and perfected until they meet the highest possible standards of our meticulous clockmakers.

Our clocks are made for passionate devotees who never want to miss the constant motion of a pendulum or who adore the beauty and precision of a movement, built into an elegant, aesthetically pleasing cabinet. This philosophy is to do justice to the demands of the highest standards of living and quality of life. Each clock that leaves our workshop is a unique masterpiece – built in traditional craftsmanship to last for generations – as it was 150 years ago.

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