At the beginning of the creation of each new clock stands a concrete idea or an individual customer’s wish. But from this lightest expression of interest it is a very long path through the rigours of technical implementation to create a perfectly crafted clock.

There are calculations, designs, recalculations, modifications and construction of prototypes upon which tests are performed. Suitable materials must be selected, the appearance of the dial and hands is established and the case takes its form on the draughtsman’s drawing board. Then follows the time of precise marking, sawing, turning, filing, milling, polishing and hardening. More and more beautifully shaped and decorated parts fill the workspace of the responsible clockmaker and one can already foresee the shape of the finished clockwork. Individual modules are mounted before finishing and the function is meticulously tested. Perfectly milled wheels are put into engagement and transferred into the main plates. Finally there is the grinding and polishing of all parts of the clockwork before they are gilded or rhodium plated. The final assembly is like a celebration, during which the clockmaker connects mutually associated parts and piece by piece accomplishes the assembled movement.

Exclusive timepieces surpass highest expectations

The brilliant shine of the movement parts contrasts with lustrous flame-blued hands and screws. After installation in a noble wood or metal casing, a work of art is created as a truly unique piece. Now follows fine adjustment and regulation to ensure that extreme accuracy of timekeeping will combine with its luxurious elegance to give its new owner much pride of ownership. With our exclusive instruments of mechanical timekeeping we want to meet and even surpass the highest expectations of our customers.

Up to six months work is required before a unique high-quality clock leaves our manufactory. One can say with complete justification that in each of these fine timepieces there is a fragment of the soul of our clockmakers that travels to customers around the world. An exclusive clock manufactured by Matthias Naeschke completes any living space and delights enthusiastic professionals as well as clock aficionados. Our fine clocks embody enduring values created to last for generations and intended to recall the highest value we can possess – time itself!

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