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Unique pieces that perform for generations

The philosophical maxim of our Naeschke clockworks is to build the world‘s highest quality clocks through dedication to the finest design and timeless elegance together with the highest mechanical precision. That means realizing new ideas with unprecedented designs handcrafted to perfection with a precision that no one else achieves. Only then can we speak of the vibrant and true art of clockmaking. Only then one finds the assurance to acquire something extraordinary.

The epitome of the finest clockmaking

Creative spirit and exquisite materials coupled with perfect designs are universal characteristics of exquisite craftsmanship. Based on these principles we build our range of precision mechanical clocks and we are the sole makers of organ clocks in the world today.

Over the years our small Naeschke clockworks has become the epitome of the finest clockmaking – not only within Germany but worldwide. Following the principles of classical horology every clock of our small manufactory embodies the pursuit of creating unique masterpieces. The name of Matthias Naeschke represents the finest mechanics in exceptional clocks.

Contemplating a fine and venerable clock reminds us of the most precious thing we possess on this earth: Measure time.

Please request our catalogue


Clear, informative and valuable - this is how our picture catalogue presents itself. This attractive medium has become a popular reference book for our handmade clocks.

Masters of Time

Masters of Time

On January 6th 2020, the German TV channel SWR presented in its program “Masters of Time” selected clock- and watchmakers from southern Germany and their special timepieces. Our manufactory was also part of this documentation.

Double award at the Blue Light Cup

Blue Light Cup

What a great success: On the occasion of the Blue Light Cup in Zhangzhou (China) we won two awards. Our table clock NT 10 received the "Star Award". Our grandfather clock NL 126 has been distinguished the "Best of Best Award".