Finest clockmaking and organ building

United to real masterpieces of mechanics and musical culture

Longcase organ clocks

All organ clocks by Matthias Naeschke - as well as the longcase organ clocks - resemble masterpieces of the highest clockmaking and organ building. In addition to the knowledge and experience in the design and construction of the finest mechanical movements and organs the Haigerloch clockmakers can fall back on a wealth of experience in dealing with the small organ works.

The flute works in construction but strongly reminiscent of the principles of the traditional major organs, but are - considered in detail - very different. Room instruments, as the organ clocks are get along with much less wind pressure. The leather of the bellows is to be treated differently and the intonation of the pipes is done with patience and precision of a clockmaker.

Organ clocks detail

The wood for the frames, music barrels and wind chests of the organ clocks store for several years at room temperature. This ensures that the wood does not warp anymore if it has become an integral part of an organ clock.

The organ clocks from the manufactory Matthias Naeschke represent completely own developments, that technically have nothing in common with the historical examples from the heyday of the late 18th Century organ clockmaking. Every organ clock that leaves the clock manufacture Naeschke is unique. Each music barrel is a living piece of musical culture and is individually hand-marked and pinned. Thus preserved, this music can be experienced even after generations when many other things already belong to the past.