• The manufactory Matthias Naeschke is setting coloured accents

    NT 8 Wohnraumuhr

    For more than three decades the brand name of Matthias Naeschke stands for exclusivity and the highest quality craftsmanship of clocks, manufactured in small quantities or as unique stand-alone pieces. Actually we are setting radiant rose gold accents with a newly created table clock in the shape of the classic 8-day. The NT 8 catches the eye of the viewer in addition to its exceptional colour - incidentally the first table clock from our manufactory in rose gold - but also due to numerous technical refinements and our artisan expertise.


Clocks by Matthias Naeschke

Unique pieces that last for generations

Unique longcase clocks

Finest quality, timeless elegance, the highest precision - the maxim of the German clock manufactory is to build the world's best and highest quality clocks. That means to realize new ideas with unprecedented designs, handcrafted to perfection and with a precision that no one else reached. Only then can one speak of vivid, true art of clockmaking. Only then one has the assurance to acquire something extraordinary. Creative spirit and the use of exquisite materials coupled with perfect design features are always characteristics of very good craftsmanship. Based on this principles the clockmakers around Matthias Naeschke build grandfather clocks, longcase clocks, mantel clocks, table clocks, regulators, and worldwide unique flute or organ clocks.

Epitome of fine, traditional clockmaking

Over the years the small clock workshop has become the epitome of finest clockmaking. Not only within Germany, but also worldwide. Following the principles of classical clockmaking every clock of the small Matthias Naeschke manufactory embodies the pursuit to create unique masterpieces. Therefore, the name of Matthias Naeschke resembles finest mechanics in exceptional clocks.

The declared aim with the exclusive timepieces “made in Haigerloch” is, to create lasting values. Made piece by piece by hand and individually designed according to customer's demands they go far beyond the standards of industrial clockmaking. Clocks from the manufactory Matthias Naeschke are made for lovers who never want to miss the constant motion of a pendulum and who adore the beauty and precision of a gilded or rhodium-plated movement, built into an elegant, aesthetically pleasing cabinet. This philosophy is pursued by Matthias Naeschke to do justice to the demands of the highest standards of living and quality of life.

Each clock made by Matthias Naeschke a real unique masterpiece - built to last for generations.

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